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Scotland -
Negative Painting
in Watercolour

13/10/2018 - 20/10/2018

watercolour painting of leaves by Trine Pettigrew

Negative Painting with a Positive Attitude!


Spend a full week in the company of water, pigment and brushes in a country house in Scotland.


Learn the exciting technique of "Negative Painting". A method that enables you to produce amazing watercolours, without years of experience.

Spain -
Watercolour & Mixed Media

02/02/2019 - 09/02/2019

Escape away in the winter month of February and spend a soul-warming week in the company of art lovers.


Let yourself be taught new skills by accomplished artist Trine Pettigrew and get wined and dined by culinary expert Anna Cairns Pettigrew - all in the majestic setting of Spain’s sherry in Andalusia. 

Portugal - 
Introduction to Urban Sketching in ink & Water Colour
18/05/2019 - 25/05/2019

Venture into the exciting new practice of Urban Sketching. Free up your learnt habits and enjoy the free flow of simple ink on paper.

Together we will venture out into the beautiful old town of Portimao and sketch on location. Later in the day we will work on our sketches at home in our beautiful 16th century house, creating finished larger pieces using watercolours.  

You'll be staying in the heart of the old town, where you'll find winding streets and lovely architecture - some crumbling some brightly coloured. Perfect for drawing and painting. 

"Street, Portimao" By student Annie Audsley.

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