Watercolour Painting Holidays

on Samos, Greece

18 - 23 September 2022



Beginner to advanced.

Max 8 people



Included: 6 days teaching and excursions.

Tutor: Trine Pettigrew 


Not included: Travel/Flights, Board and Lodging.


Flights from London via Athens can be booked via easy Jet and Olympic Air.




Small streets, a small square, old houses and blue sea. These are some of the things that characterise Greece, and Samos is no exception.


These, and many other scenes, are what we will try to capture in our daily sketches, and later put down on paper using watercolour. Every day we gather in Trine's courtyard before we go on our daily excursion, where we will sketch and draw our chosen motifs.


After a break in the middle of the day, where lunch can be enjoyed at one of the many restaurants on the waterfront, and perhaps a dip from the villages beach, we meet back at Trines and summerise our day's experiences.


Here, Trine will demonstrate different watercolour techniques, then we shall paint!


Theory lessons will include perspective drawing, color theory, the the use of a view-finder as well as techniques, such as washes, lifting and painting wet in wet.


The week culminates in a small private viewing, and a glass of bubbly in Trine's house.



The week's schedule:



We shall meet at 1 pm at the town museum, located at the entrance to the town from the main road to Samos town. We will go for a walk around the town, and get to know the place.

After this, Trine invites you to a glass of wine in her courtyard, and we will get to know each other a little better before tomorrow's first lines are drawn in our sketchbooks.



We meet at 10 in Trine's courtyard.

Sketching in "the blue streets".

13-15 Lunch break

15-17 Paint in the courtyard




Sketching at the harbour

13-15 Lunch break

15-17 Paint in the courtyard



Meet at 10

Walk to the old monastery.

(Remember Packed Lunches.)

15-17 Paint in the courtyard



Meet at 10 p.m.

Local bus to the old part of Samos town.

(Remember Packed Lunches.)



at 10-13 and at 15-17 in the courtyard.

We will complete our paintings, then finish with a small private viewing and a glass of wine.




Black pen



Watercolour paints


Watercolour paper

Water tank


samos sketch watercolour .jpeg
sketch watercolour uzo.jpeg
anna greek watercolour.jpeg
samos sketch street.jpeg
Greek Streets