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The Creative Olive is an artistic venture lead by art tutor Trine Pettigrew and her daughter Anna C Pettigrew, who both share a passion for creative practices.

Trine has been teaching art professionally for 15 years under her own name, in her studio in Denmark as well as painting holidays in Italy. 


In 2017 Trine joined forces with Anna + Anna's husband Ali and The Creative Olive was born. "We decided to call our new venture The Creative Olive after our daughter Anise Olive, so it's a real family venture."

Under The Creative Olive, Trine offers painting holidays in Portugal and Scotland as well as weekend retreats in Denmark focusing on Creative Art Journaling. 


Painting course in Portugal

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portugal art retreat trine.jpg
Trine Pettigrew
green bean salad anna-3.jpg
Anna Cairns Pettigrew

I can recommend the course as an inspiring week to anyone who loves making art, eating good food and meeting new friends. Trine is a focused teacher who teaches each of her students individually and with great warmth. The course suits all abilities by both going back to basics and exploring new techniques.

The course will leave you feeling creatively fulfilled and the gorgeous veggie food will excite you to experiment with new flavours and combinations in your own cooking.

Clare Hayatt

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