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The Launch of The Creative Olive

The launch of our new website and our sparkly new name is here!

After another successful painting holiday, this time for the first time to Portugal, Trine and I decided to make things more official and properly join forces.

We have worked together here and there with our art ventures, workshops and courses. But not full time. But the time seemed right, and the stars seemed to align themselves - So we took the plunge and set about gathering what we needed to make our painting and creative retreats all come together under one roof, so to speak.

After a few hours of brain storming the name The Creative Olive was the perfect choice for us. Olive is my baby daughter and it seemed fitting to include her into the new venture, since this is now a multi generational business.

My husband Ali also joined up with us, so when he isn't out playing music, he is traveling with us, mainly doing all the behind the scenes work that need done during the course of a retreat. Shopping for my ingredients or sourcing the best local wine for the students etc! We also have a few other amazing people behind The Creative Olive, including good friends Roger and Annie making the operation run smoothly - as well as my grandmother, meaning The Creative Olive is run by 4 generations of Women. GO us!

We have two retreats already and waiting for you to get inspired by - One set in the magnificent Scottish Highlands, where you will have the opportunity to dive into your creative practice and tackle some amazing Scottish scenery. See more here.

The other week long painting holiday is located in Portimao's Old Town in Portugal. Here you will be nestled into the quiet quarters of a 16th century manor house, where after you have sketched the old winding streets, you can retreat back to the cool shaded garden and continue your work. See more here.

Why go on a painting holiday, when you can just paint at home, or on your own arranged holiday?

Well its really quite simple to answer. When you go on a painting holiday, you go only to paint.

Your meals are lovingly prepared for you, your bedroom is there for you to shut the door on the world, and the other students are there to inspire you and cheer you on.

We all know what it's like to do art at home- things get in the way, the phone rings, the washing machine needs emptied, the neighbours come round...There's always an excuse to get very little art done. Or you find painting on your own lonely.

Taking a dedicated painting holiday, just for you will inspire new work, that will keep inspiring you for some time after.

We are really excited to welcome old as well as new students on our courses!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Anna x

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